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Afrik Print is a one-stop shop for all your printing items and African wear. Our collections fit all men, women and children for all occasions. We sell African wax print and splendid African crafts made of pearls or print such as earrings, bracelets and inspired necklaces. With this along a large choice of ethical crafts and jewellery, fantasy handcrafted pieces and many more, we offer fashionable African Leather foot wears and accessories such as bag brooch, fascinators, beads etc. at an affordable price. Also, with our interior designing, we make any given space work. Afrik Print is now fully into general printing, i.e. customizing cloth, T-shirt printing, mug/plate printing…

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Be inspired online to buy handmade and original ethnic in wax print and other African fabrics from Afrik Print. Our selection includes already sewn African print wears, very nice fascinators for all occasions, customized cloth printing, decorated foot wears, African inspired earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many more!

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One-stop shop for all your printing items and African wear. Believe in our brand.

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I have an immerse love and admiration for your styles and print products. Thank you Afrik Print, wearing your brand multivate me
Rich ofori
Valued Customer
After moving to eastern region, we still order clothes at Afrik Print because of the test of quality we have experienced.
Mr & Mrs Osei
Vaued Customer
A moment of silence for this gorgeous customized cloth printing from Afrik Print. Over the years you have been our cloth designer.
Blue Rose
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Quality is our hallmark  |  We breathe Textile Design

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